• Blocks up to 99% of dangerous UV rays


  • Protects skin and eyes from UV damage, reducing the risk of cancer
  • Keeps the cabin cooler in extreme heat improving air-conditioning and vehicle efficiency
  • Maximises visibility by reducing glare in sunny and night driving conditions
  • Protects interior surfaces from heat and UV damage

Full Ceramic Film Technology

Using Nano technology, Advanced Protection have created a superior ceramic window film with highest solar energy and infrared rejection without electronic interference.

  • Full all-ceramic Nano technology
    window film
  • Highest rejection of infrared radiation
  • Best heat rejection
  • Blocks up to 99%+ of dangerous UV rays
  • Reduces glare by up to 75%
  • Darkest legal non-reflective film
  • Premium optical quality maximises visibility
  • Three ply film gives maximum security
  • Colour fast – will not fade or discolour
  • Only available from your car dealership