“I have had the Fusion Paint Protection Product applied to a number of my BMW vehicles over the last 15 years. I have always found that it seemed to enhance the original manufacturers paint finish. In terms of cleaning the product makes it so easy to remove bird or bat droppings without fuss. Once cleaned no residual of the dropping is evident and no damage to the paint has occurred even if it was some time before it was removed. The performance of the product has been further demonstrated when one of my vehicles was written off and replaced by a vehicle without the Fusion applied. Immediately I was aware of the difference when maintaining the car. Cleaning was harder and the paint work before too long was showing signed of damage by droppings. Going forward when I next invest in a new vehicle I will always be getting fusion applied.”

Nicholas, Wynnum - QLD

“I've always had the Fusion paint protection on my white VW Golf and have always taken it for granted because when it gets washed it just always looks nice, clean and shiny. I don’t even think about it even being there protecting the paint.And I really leave washing my car til the very last second so it gets everything on it, bats, birds, tree blossoms and possum wee plastered all over it.Then….I had hail damage occur to my car and had my car paint repaired but didn’t have the product reapplied like I should have.On the very first wash I noticed lots of brown marks on the roof from the tree blossoms which normally wash off without a second thought.But this time, without the Fusion on the car the tiny brown seeds from the blossoms had actually etched in to the paint on the roof and although I eventually managed to remove the brown stains, it left marking on the roof which also has made it lose all the gloss and shine in the paint.I ended up trading this vehicle and it was a no brainer getting it on my new car. I can't recommend it highly enough.”

Holly, Brisbane - QLD

"What I like most about having the Fusion Paint Protection is that I only have to give the car a simple wash with the shampoo and it looks like I've waxed and polished it every time without any hard work.

Peter, Ipswich - QLD

"I hadn't really bothered with paint protection before but this time round we got Fusion Quartz on one of our cars. We (well my husband who washes the car) really notices the difference between the two cars, so much easier to remove general dirt but also much easier to get bat poop off the car with protection, however the other car needs much more effort and is showing signs of marking and is not as glossy as our other car."

Eileen, Tingalpa - QLD

"WOW! I had this product applied to my Mazda CX-5. Unbelievable! I am not one to write reviews normally, however everyone buying a vehicle needs to know about this AMAZING product.

Not only does it stay cleaner longer, but the fact I can park it outside all day knowing it’s protected from bird droppings the sun etc gives me piece of mind.. Loving my red car being shiny always, thank you for recommending this product to me."

Sam,Tweed - QLD

"When I bought my Mazda five years ago, I agreed to have the Fusion program applied to my new car. They said it would protect my paint against things like birds poo and fruit and berry stains and because I like to park under a tree at work (cooler when I get in it at the end of the day) I thought it would help.

It looked amazing when I picked it up but I thought that’s what all new cars look like. I cleaned it with the shampoo they gave me whenever it needed it and my car always looked great. I never had any problems or concerns with any damage on the paint so it must have been working.

It was last week that shocked me when I was upgrading to the new Mazda 3 and I traded in my old one. When the salesman checked my car both inside and out he asked if I had the Fusion Quartz treatment when I bought it and I said yes. He said he could tell and because I did they won’t need to do any repairs on the car they gave me more money for my trade in. I was so happy, it was well worth that little extra I paid to protect it (didn’t even notice the amount because I put it in with my finance). So when I went to see the person that handles the car care I said ‘yes’ before they even started talking."

Emily, Brighton - VIC

"This is the second time I have purchased Advanced Protection Fusion product on our families new car.

I wanted a product that would give me no fuss . I am a busy mum and need the ease of keeping my car clean. I always pick a paint colour that glistens in the sun , this product makes it look like glitter.

Very happy with the product from my dealership."

Ryder, Sunshine Coast - QLD

"I love the way Fusion Quartz performs on my vehicle. It is so easy to clean and remains to have a high gloss shine - wash after wash"

Mary - Wollongong - NSW

"In July 2016 I was delighted to take delivery of my new Mazda. I also purchased the paint protection that was offered to me through Mazda, called FUSION from Advanced Protection.

Like most people I was apprehensive at first because of the reputation these products have of being gimmicky and a waste of money. The sales team explained the new nano technology and guaranteed me a lifetime warranty. They also answered my many questions regarding the authenticity and effectiveness of this product, like whether it contained a UV stabiliser, which prevents plastics from breaking down. Just one week later my car was vandalised overnight with paint. The paint had hardened and I knew I was serious trouble.

My only hope was to try and get to a car wash asap. I prayed that the paint protection was enough to enable me to get the paint off and to my delight the paint came off cleanly and easily. I offered Mazda this testimonial as I am very impressed with this product."

Dionne, Pakenham - VIC